Sifu Dave George, started his martial arts career when he was 15 after many years of being bullied at school, not knowing how to defend himself and of course watching the Bruce Lee films, decided that he needed to learn how to defend himself.

In 1977 one of his former instructors told of his new club learning Wing Chun, a close combat martial art system from southern China. Sifu Dave went along and was impressed how easy the system was, however like all systems it takes years to learn and be able to put into practice.

After around 2 years Sifu Dave moved to train with Master Derek Frearson direct and attended classes in Leicester; Rugby and Nottingham on a regular basis.  

After 5 years Sifu Dave opened his own classes up in Nuneaton and Bedworth, teaching Wing Chun.   Also, as well as the Wing Chun, Sifu Dave started learning Tai Chi as well as Seven Star Praying Mantis.

Master Derek Frearson has also brought over to the UK guest Masters of different styles and has arranged trips to China on a regular basis, which Sifu Dave has took part in and has been to China twice meeting both the Grand Masters of Wing Chun, GM Lun Gai and Yang Style Taiji GM Ou Rongju. Sifu Dave has also been to France and Hungary with Master Derek Frearson.

For over 40 years Sifu Dave George has been training with Master Derek Frearson, and the International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association. Sifu Dave is also part of the Traditional Lion Dance Team.

Sifu Dave will be Launching his new Tai Chi club in early October 2019.

The South Leicester Tai Chi club is affiliated and part of the International Taijiquan & Shaolin Wushu Association.